Secret Safe Books takes firearm safety very seriously.


Hollow book safes, as crafted and sold by Secret Safe Books, used for firearm concealment are not to be used in homes or areas where children are present. They are also not intended to replace a regulatory gun safe.


Our products do not meet the Regulatory Gun Safe Standards of the state of California. They are not listed or approved by UL (previously known as Underwriters Laboratory) or any other Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) as a Residential Security Container. Our products are not secure storage and are not to be used as such.


By purchasing and/or using a Secret Safe Book for firearm concealment you indicate that you are in complete compliance with the applicable laws in your location, including but not limited to, the possession, ownership, use and storage of firearms.


Under no circumstances is Secret Safe Books to be held liable, in any way whatsoever, for the use or misuse of any type or category of hollow book safes we produce.